A freelance website designer based in Kings Cross, London.

Hi, I'm Harvey Patchett-Joyce.

I focus on designing modern and responsive websites. I have experience with websites for small businesses and professional websites for individuals. I'm a recent graduate from the University of Nottingham, where I studied mathematical coding which, since graduating, I have adapted and applied to website design.

I'm invested in your project and committed to getting you the best result.

I build fluid websites that respond to the user.

With a responsive website design you know your site will conform to whatever size screen is needed. Whether it's on a phone, tablet or desktop your site will display its content accurately while retaining a consistent style.

capplex website design

I designed Capplex.com with a small business in mind. The site acts as an extension to their business card; providing additional information and a team page. The clients wanted a corporate site and logo that represented "no-fuss" and "network". I provided the logo separately as well; allowing its use in other mediums; business cards, powerpoints and email signatures.

visionworks for life website design

VisionWorksforLife.com is a fully featured site that includes an updated responsive design. The site was part of the company's push towards a new marketing campaign and takes advantage of features like MailChimp signup forms, social network buttons and integration with Instapage. The homepage also demonstrates icons which help liven a page and aid the user in navigation.

alex patchett-joyce website design

AlexPatchettJoyce.com was designed for an individual to advertise their services and showcase events: workshops, seminars, etc. The client wanted to convey themselves as approachable and professional. A dynamic page is used to not only show upcoming events but also archive past events. As the client was selling themselves as much as their services, it was important to demonstrate examples for an audience to get a better feel of the person.

mchattie yarn boutique website design

McHattie's is a boutique shop that sells a variety of woollen garments and accessories. The clients wanted a simple "comfy" site that was easy for them to update. By using WordPress as a content management system the finished site is easily maintained by anyone on their staff. Further features were added like an online store and event manager through the use of plugins.

vital health retreat website design

The main purpose of VitalHealthRetreat.com was to showcase an upcoming event and provide information for the participants. I was tasked with creating the site in a few days. Though simple, the site was ready and launched to coincide with the organisers newsletter about the event. However due to its modular design I'm able to go back at a later date and improve the site as time allows.

Harvey helped us to develop a fantastic website. He has continued to help us with website changes and how we can upgrade in the future at the best possible cost.
I highly recommend Harvey to other small business owners who need a new website because he will listen to your needs and always does what he says he is going to!

- Georgina Sinclair, Director, Capplex Ltd

I provide you with the tools to make the most of digital marketing.

With these tools I can help with promoting you and your business to new clients or customers:

  • Increase your mailing list with effective signup forms embedded in the site to improve user retention.
  • Design and manage email templates that increase client and customer interest. With the use of templates you can easily edit the email's content to send out regular newsletters, promotions and event schedules.
  • Enhance your social proof with tools to grow your social media presence. Including both "share" and "follow" buttons we can spread and nurture your growth.
  • Provide integrated landing pages that pinpoint products or services to boost sales. By utilising focused landing pages we can increase "click-throughs" by aiding new customers and clients.
  • Record market data about your site and send out regular analytical reports. By incorporating, for instance, Google Analytics into the site you can track your users to reduce missed opportunities.
It has been a joy working with Harvey. He is creative, intuitive, motivated and prompt, all the things I love in someone you can rely on. It has been a pleasure. Thank You.

- Jeff Allen, VisionWorks for Life

Even after the site is launched I'm here to provide continued support.

Whether you update its content, design or technology; it's vitally important to keep your site alive and up-to-date. Let me give you the support you need:

  • By using WordPress as a base both you and I can easily add, edit or remove content on the site. Together we can always make sure your information is correct, as current as possible and made available quickly to customers and clients.
  • The advantage of continuous support allows for design updates as well. Maybe you want to make changes to banner artwork to promote a new product, include landing page integration to highlight an upcoming event or have exciting templates to make your newsletters stand out. I can tailor your site to your needs when you need them.
  • By keeping the technology behind your site updated I can minimise security risk while keeping your site running efficiently. I am also happy to discuss and manage your hosting, domain name and branded emails.
  • Included is my network of colleagues that can help provide for projects that have specific requirements, large scope or that need a quick turn around.